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 Meeting Details

Show details for the current video meeting, including:

  • Date and time
  • Meeting ID
  • Host
  • Participant ID

 Toggle Full Screen

  Start/Stop Video

  Camera Settings (only visible when video is started)

Select the camera for use during the meeting.

5. Call Settings

Show settings for the call, including:

  • Lock/Unlock Meeting
  • Enable/Disable Waiting Room
  • Hide/Show Profile Pictures


Show participant permissions, including:

  • Allow participants to share screen.
  • Allow participants to use chat function.
  • Allow participants to rename themselves.
  • Allow participants to mute/unmute themselves.
  • Allow participants to start their video.

6. Show/Hide participants panel

7. Call Settings

Choose to share:

  • Entire screen
  • Specific application window
  • Specific browser tab

8. Advanced Sharing Options

Shows advanced call settings including:

  • How many participants can share at one time (one or multiple)
  • Who can share their screen (host only or all participants)
  • Who can share their screen whilst another participant is sharing (host only or all participants)

9. Show/Hide Chat Panel

10. More settings

  • Enable/Disable video receiving

11. End Call

12. Current Call Duration

Shows the elapse time of the current call

12. Purchase More Call Time (Scheduled Meetings only)

Enables the purchasing of additional 30 minute block(s) during a Scheduled Meeting