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Introduction To Favorite Subjects

Subjects can be added to a User’s list of Favorites, allowing them to be easily accessed from the Message Board menu.

Adding A Favorite Subject

  1.  Log into your Kradle account.
  2.  On the Kradle Menu, click the Konnect icon.
  3.  A new window will open, displaying the Kradle – Konnect interface.
  4.  Within the Konnect navigation menu, click the Message Board icon.
  5.  Select the Group.
  6.  Select the Subject.
  7.  Click the Add To Favorites icon.
  8.  The newly Favorited Subject will now appear in the Favorites tab.
Konnect Favorites Menu

Information Icon  Removing A Favorite Subject

To remove a Subject from your Favorites, navigate to the Subject and unselect the Favorites icon.