KEEP (Kradle Expand & Earn Program) is a simple referral program designed to reward registered partners who introduce Kradle to their contacts.

There are no restrictions, no limits and no cost involved. Earn recurring revenue and become a valuable member of our team.


Your Referral Code
Become a Kradle KEEP
Partner and receive your
unique KEEP referral code
Tell Your Contacts
Share your unique KEEP
referral code with your contacts
Earn 10 percent
Earn 10 percent of all
purchases made by
contacts that use your
referral code


Does the program expire?
The program does not expire. When payments are made by companies or individuals introduced by the partner, payments are made to the partner.
When will I be paid?
Payment will be made monthly on the anniversary date when the partner joined the program.
What if my credit card is invalid or cancelled?
We will be unable to make payments. We need a valid credit card to make payment.
Can I cancel my account?
Yes, at any time by simply logging in as a partner and canceling your membership.
Can I update my account details?
Yes, at any time you can change address. email. phone number and credit card.
Do I have to be a company or registered business?
No, a partner can be a company, registered business or an individual.
Can I track what I have earned?
Yes, transactions are logged and available in your payment summary when you access KEEP.
Must my credit card have the same name as the registered partner?
No, it can be another name. Payments will be made if the credit card is valid.
Does my payment summary show which credit card was a payment made to?
Yes but for security reasons, we only show the last four digits of the credit card.
What if my contacts send my referral codes to their contacts?
It is your lucky day! You will earn 10% of whatever they purchase.
Must I introduce Kradle only to businesses?
No, you can introduce Kradle to companies, registered businesses and individuals.
Will I be able to see which contacts have purchased Kradle?
No, we are not allowed to release this information due to privacy regulations. You can however ask your contacts for this information.